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Recycling Centre Chippenham

Recycling Centre Chippenham is a recycling and waste management facility located in the town of Chippenham, Wiltshire, England. Opened in 2004, it is the UK’s first purpose-built recycling and waste management centre. The Centre processes more than 135,000 tones of rubbish per year and recycles over 60,000 tones of material. It also handles 400 tones of organic materials annually.

The Chippenham recycling Centre is a local government funded recycling facility that opened in late 2009. It is the second such facility to open in Wiltshire and it is located in the town centre adjacent to the library. The purpose of the recycling centre is to divert waste from landfill and to create jobs in the local community.
The recycling centre accepts a wide range of waste including: plastic, metal, paper, cardboard and hazardous materials. The majority of materials are recycled into new products such as new plastics, cans and bottles.
The recycling centre operates on a pay-as-you-throw basis with a small deposit for each bag or box of material that is brought in. This system encourages people to recycle more and also helps fund the sorting and reprocessing of waste at the recycling centre.

How does the recycling Centre Chippenham work?

The recycling Centre Chippenham works by taking recyclable materials like plastics, metals, and paper and turning them into new products. They do this by breaking down the material and turning it into new products that can be used again.

The recycling Centre Chippenham mainly recycles plastic, paper and metal materials. The sorting process takes place in three stages: the first stage is to sort the material by type; the second stage is to sort the material by size; and the third stage is to sort the material by quality.

The recycling Centre Chippenham also offers a drop-off service for residents of the town who want to recycle their own waste. The recycling Centre Chippenham accepts all types of plastics, paper, tin cans, aluminum cans and glass.

What are the benefits of recycling in recycling Centre Chippenham ?

The benefits of recycling in Chippenham include reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill, protecting the environment, and creating jobs. Recycling centres help to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills by sorting and grading the material so that it can be used again. They also encourage people to recycle materials like glass, plastic, and paper instead of just throwing them away. In addition, recycling centres help protect the environment by preventing pollution from going into the air or water. They also create jobs by processing and packaging materials that are collected from households.

What does the recycling Centre Chippenham do?

The recycling Centre Chippenham recycles unwanted materials, such as plastics, paper, glass and metal. They also accept donations of new or used materials. The Centre operates a drop-off point for solid waste and a recycling facility which processes the materials collected. Centre also provides education about recycling to locals and visitors. The Centre provides information and advice on waste disposal and recycling.

What Types of Waste Can Be Recycled at recycling Centre Chippenham?

The recycling centre in Chippenham accepts a wide range of recyclable materials, including plastics, paper, cans, bottles, and textiles. They also have facilities to break down electronic equipment and heavy metals.

The recycling centre in Chippenham can recycle a wide range of waste materials, including:

  • Household rubbish
  • Construction and demolition (C&D) waste
  • Textiles
  • Waste oils and fats
  • Plastics
  • Electronics and batteries
  • Paper and cardboard

What can I recycle at the Centre?

The recycling centre in Chippenham offers a wide range of materials that can be recycled, including: plastics, newspapers, cardboard, aluminum cans, textiles, and glass. The centre also accepts electronic waste such as computers and monitors.

The recycling centre in Chippenham collects a wide variety of materials that can be recycled. Some common items that can be recycled at the centre are cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, and paper products. The recycling centre also accepts electronic waste, such as computers and monitors.

What happens to my recyclables once I drop them off?

Chippenham’s recycling centre processes over 1 million pounds of recyclable material each month, and it all starts with sorting your materials. The process begins by sorting plastics, paper and metal into designated drums, sacks or boxes.

Once your recyclables have been sorted, they are taken to a large grinder where they are chopped into small pieces. This process helps to break down the material and make it easier to extract valuable metals such as gold and silver.

The recycled materials are then put through a thermal oxidizer which burns the plastic and other non-metallic materials away. This leaves behind a black slag which is then skimmed off and used in new products.

How to Make the Most of Your Recycling Experience

If you’re looking to make the most of your recycling experience, you need to head to the centre! Here, you can learn about the different recycling options available to you, and find out how to properly recycle your materials.

The centre also offers recycling education courses for residents of Chippenham and surrounding areas. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced recycler, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how to make your waste work for you!


When it comes to recycling, there are many different ways to go about it. Some people may choose to recycle their garbage while others may prefer to compost their food waste. If you’re interested in recycling but just don’t know where to start, your local recycling centre might be a good place to start. Here at the Centre, we offer a variety of services such as drop-off, donation pickup and even curbside collection. We hope that our information has helped you and that you will consider us when it comes time to recycle your materials.

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