Skip Hire Peterborough

Midi Skip Hire

Midi Skip Hire in Peterborough is a leading waste management company that caters to the waste disposal needs of individuals and businesses in the area. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility, Midi Skip Hire offers a wide range of skip hire services tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.Whether you are renovating your home, clearing out a garden, or undertaking a construction project, Midi Skip Hire in Peterborough has the perfect skip size to accommodate your waste. Their midi skips are designed to fit in tight spaces and can hold a significant amount of waste, ensuring that you have ample capacity to dispose of your materials efficiently.

Skip Hire Peterborough Comparison

When comparing skip hire services in Peterborough, it’s essential to consider several factors to make an informed decision. Firstly, assess the range of skip sizes offered by different providers. Consider the specific needs of your project and ensure that the available skip sizes can accommodate the volume of waste you need to dispose of. Additionally, check the duration of the hire periods offered by each company to ensure it aligns with your project timeline.

Mini vs Midi Skip Comparison

When comparing mini skips and midi skips, there are a few key factors to consider. Mini skips are typically smaller in size, usually ranging from 2 to 4 cubic yards, making them suitable for small-scale domestic projects or garden clean-ups. They are compact and easily fit in driveways or narrow spaces. On the other hand, midi skips are larger, usually ranging from 4 to 8 cubic yards, and can accommodate slightly bigger projects, such as bathroom or kitchen renovations. They provide more capacity for waste disposal while still being manageable in size. Midi skips are commonly used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Midi vs Builder Skip Comparison

When comparing midi skips and builder skips, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your project. A midi skip, also known as a small skip, is typically smaller in size, ranging from 4 to 6 cubic yards. These skips are suitable for smaller-scale domestic projects, such as garden clearances or bathroom renovations, where the amount of waste generated is relatively modest. These skips are designed to accommodate larger quantities of waste and are commonly used for construction and renovation projects that involve significant amounts of debris, such as kitchen refurbishments or house extensions. 

Skip Hire Peterborough Sizes

Skip hire services in Peterborough offer a range of skip sizes to accommodate different waste disposal needs. The available skip sizes typically include mini skips, midi skips, and builder skips. Mini skips are the smallest option, usually ranging from 2 to 4 cubic yards, making them suitable for small domestic projects or garden clean-ups.Midi skips are larger, ranging from 4 to 8 cubic yards, and can handle slightly bigger tasks such as bathroom or kitchen renovations. 

4 Yard Skip

A 4 yard skip, also known as a mini skip, is a small-sized skip commonly used for small-scale domestic projects and garden clearances. With a capacity of approximately 4 cubic yards or 3 cubic meters, it is suitable for disposing of moderate amounts of waste. The compact size of a 4 yard skip makes it convenient for projects with limited space, such as minor renovations, DIY projects, or small household cleanouts.

5 Yard Skip

A 5 yard skip is a slightly larger skip size than the 4-yard skip, offering a bit more capacity for waste disposal. With a capacity of around 5 cubic yards or 3.8 cubic meters, it provides a suitable option for small to medium-sized projects. The 5 yard skip is commonly used for tasks like kitchen or bathroom renovations, small construction projects, or garden clearances.


Opting for midi skip hire in Peterborough offers several benefits for your waste disposal needs. Firstly, midi skips are an ideal choice for smaller-scale projects, such as home renovations or garden clearances, where the volume of waste generated is relatively moderate. Their compact size makes them easier to position, especially in areas with limited space, ensuring convenient placement and easy access for loading the waste.


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Skip Hire Prices

Midi skip hire can vary depending on the specific location and skip hire company. Midi skips are slightly larger than mini skips, typically ranging from 4 cubic yards to 6 cubic yards in size. These skips are commonly used for small to medium-sized domestic or commercial projects. On average, midi skip hire can range from £150 to £200 in various areas.